With access to industry-leading, experienced chemists, and certified independent labs, we are able to provide custom results to your tough design problems. With partnerships solidified with some of the best custom mixers available, we have the ability to provide different compound characteristics when needed.

We work with NBR (with and without PVC blends), FKM, EPDM (NSF cert), VMQ (gum), CR, and more.

We also work with Nylon, TPU, and more.

With a staff of experienced rubber and plastics engineers and production support, we can help you to achieve your best results.

We can take on existing tooling, or help design the right tool with access to the best tool houses domestically or internationally.


Transfer Molding

Compression/Core Compression Molding

Vertical Injection Style Molding

Rubber to metal overmolding

Rubber to plastic overmolding

Whether you’re looking for high tonnage, large cavitation capacity, or small, low quantity runs, we can deliver.  We have the equipment and capability to handle your large and small jobs alike.  Let us show you what we can do with your small volume domestic orders.